Prof. Goedbier & Chouffekabouter MarcelThe Chouffe Brewer Gnome with his flying buck is the protagonist in this story. He possesses supernatural powers which are timeless, meaning that wherever he finds himself he can move around in all historical, geological, beerological, and philosophical eras. From the past he can see the future and this allows him to see things which we still have to experience. Thanks to his immortality he is not bound by time and experiences everything in the moment. In order to help us, he has put a date to every event because we tend to think in boxes and to organize events according to our Christian calendar. Our Brewer Gnome follows the Chouffe calendar, from the year 6666 before Chouffe to 6666 after Chouffe. These are the facts and it is up to us to guess the consequences of this and to give them a sequence.

ProfKabouter For those who do not believe in gnomes, I would advise them to place this story in an empty Chouffe bottle, seal it tightly and throw it into the Atlantic between 6 o'clock in the morning and 6 o'clock in the evening. It should give others a good gut feeling.


Professor Arnoldus GoodBeer
Chris d'Achouffe

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